Know These Songs

It is another great day in the last quarter of the year 2014, and what can I say, I’m writing something. And that’s a really good thing because writing is something like a skill that needs to be done on a sort of repeated basis so you don’t completely fall out of it. But like I usually say, that’s a story for another time that may or may not come to fruition!

Now, on to other matters. Have you ever heard a song, like an opera song, and you digged it so much you wanted to hear it again and again but didn’t know what the name was so you couldn’t hear it again? Or have you come across some tunes that sound really good but you don’t know their origins? What of songs that happen to come up when you’re least expecting them, but you have to wait ages for something to play them again? I’ve honestly been in situations like these before, and I decided to do some snooping around. I managed to strike some gold, but I’d be remiss to not mention that Sleeping Dogs was the inspiration for this post. Several of the songs here are featured on the Sleeping Dogs’ radio station Boosey & Hawkes, so kudos goes to the game for helping me out with tracking several down. Now that’s been settled, let’s start with the first one that would appeal to all.

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The Second

I may have
The dam
(Damn it)
The pressure. Lol
The water leaks
As memories,
Begin to run
I surge and flood
In words,
I break
By writing
Darkening thoughts

I may have
My dad
(In spirit)
Better sons
Don’t dream
My dreams,
I fight the sands
My guilt
(I feel it)
Loosening me
At all my
Phantom seams
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The First

Imagine if
Life was just
A slowly moving train
No tracks
No men
On board.
Imagine if
I chose not,
Because of all my pain,
To stop
At stations
Because I stop in vain
I feel
Than before…

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Season Two of Gravity Falls Has Begun

Gravity Falls is back on screens again, and in the premiere of this critically acclaimed show, Dipper raises the dead. No, not like bringing up issues that are better left buried. He literally brings up the dead, and it turns a party celebrating the re-opening of the Mystery Shack into one for the Living Dead.

Note: There will be spoilers in this post on the first episode, but that’s okay because it’s the first episode, right? I’ll try and tone them down as much as possible

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I Want To be An Akame ga Kill! Groupie

On the helm of our Anime View post that went up 2 days ago, I decided to do a little anime viewing myself again, because frankly I’ve missed the feeling and joy that I get watching Japanese cartoon drawings exaggerate facial gestures one moment then get cold-eyed with murderous intent in another moment. Of course with the huge backlog that I’ve gathered over the months, there was no way I could appropriately start with one title or the other. So I jumped on a site and picked something, anything at all – partly because I was testing quality – that had something like a good name to it. Akame ga Kill! was there and the latest episode was 4. Because of that, I decided to go ahead and view it. And I can say with all honesty that it’s one decision that I can’t regret this new month, because at this point in time I want to have boobs just so I can flash my laptop screen when Akame ga Kill! is playing. That’s what groupies do, right? It’s not Mardi Gras people, it’s appreciation!

Change 'him' to 'them'

Change ‘him’ to ‘them’

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Anime View

Last month of the Summer for all the cool kids, while we’re in the  month that gives us a brief break from the rain in le tropics. But that’s not the point of the camaraderie that I’m trying to build up here (I learnt a new word and decided to use it, but that’s besides the point also). We’re here because we’ve got some anime to watch and I’m sure that most of us have been slacking in that department. It’s okay, we’ve all been really busy with life that we tend to forget to actually enjoy certain parts of it. That’s where I come in with regards to the anime-centric side of things. I too have been busy with life and have strayed from my duties, and that is something that I promise I will touch in another post. Now, now, now though, it’s anime view and we’re looking at Autumn Anime 2014, which is from September to November. Looking for summer? Check out Kotaku’s comprehensive list. It packs a full punch. On to the picture now!

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Game Journal: Rayman Legends

At first there was Rayman; then there was Rayman 2. And then there came a flurry of several other Rayman games to keep the Rayman franchise going. After all was said and done, the geniuses at Ubisoft decided to do something else; they went back to basics. From that little adventure was born Rayman Origins, a game so simple, colourful and playful and yet extremely hard you’d want to go through it over and over again just so you could enjoy the various stages the game gives you to play. And then Ubisoft saw that it was not enough, because everyone loved Rayman Origins. And so they went back to basics and added a few kinks, and from that other adventure Rayman Legends was born. Rayman Legends, a game so legendary that it even takes some great hit songs and incorporates them into gameplay so that as you jump, run and punch thing the beat follows your tempo. I have gone through the world of Rayman Legends multiple times, and this is my journal.

But enough about that for a bit, let’s go over our own basics shall we?

Rayman Legends 2014-06-15 17-04-46-81

This is a game journal post, and so shouldn’t be treated like an official review for the game. It’s partly like a review, but without the cynic trappings of formality. It’s more of the gamer’s journey through the entire game. Also, there may be minor spoilers in this, but nothing too great as to reveal major plot details.

Rayman Legends 2014-05-26 22-56-37-69 

Facts You Should Know

Name of the game: Rayman Legends

Available Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows (this version was played), PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U

Release Dates: in Australia on the 29th August 2013, Europe on the 30th August 2013, North America on the 3rd September 2013, Australia on the 12th September 2013 (Vita version), Europe on the 13th September 2013 (Vita version), Japan on the 17th October 2013 (Wii U version), Japan on the 24th April 2014 (Vita version), North America on the 18th February 2014 (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions) and Europe on the 21st February 2014 (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions)

Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, Published by Ubisoft

Play time is within the range of 8-12 hours depending on how often you die, how fast you breeze through stages and how much side-tracking you do in the Origins painting section (I’ll explain that later on). If you plan on getting all 700 Teensies though, you’ll probably need more than 12 hours.

Played this on an Asus X54C Laptop; specs include – 6GB RAM, Intel Pentium B960 CPU running at 2.2 GHz and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics processor.

Time to go into the Eye of the Tiger!

Rayman Legends 2014-05-26 23-01-24-48

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Nintendo E3 2014 Trailers

Editor’s Note: This is the trailer post for the Nintendo E3 conference. For the write-up check here.

P:*Moves mic*What you here for bro? What you here for girl?

More videos from our flow? More games to make you whirl?

We’ve got the right clicks for the mood, so prep for the attitude

As we take up the latitude, and go higher in altitude.

It’s the last round-up on our E3 structure

So watch out for some more texture

As Detanfy throws it around like he owns it

But he owns nothing, we broke, it’s another story, bone it.

*replaces mic*

D: this Phylix guy sha. Real agbero. But at least he knows how to get the party started, not unlike our friends at Nintendo, who blessed us with all sorts of goodies this E3.

dancile3 logo first

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Sony E3 2014 Trailers

Editor’s Note: This is the trailer post for the Sony E3 conference. For the write-up check here.

P: *grabs mic* Yo yo yo. Check it. Uh huh. Yeah.

Detanfy sharing videos, Phylix spitting rhymes

The viewers are watching, the listeners mime

The Overlord is happy, we bringing up the heat

And now I’m hungry, noodles on the beat!

We’ve gone and done some part 2 E3 round-up for Microsoft and given you the trailers that will make you swoon and want to make you spend your monies. But wait! There’s more! Because we’ve only done 1 out of 3! So keep your monies in the piggy banks like 50 Cent does, and let Detanfy open the floodgates into more gaming trailers!… and stuff.

D: Phylix has turned into an MC sha. With all this rapping and the like. Let’s keep things rolling with a few trailers from Sony.

dancile3 logo first

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Microsoft E3 2014 Trailers

Editor’s Note: This is the trailer post for the Microsoft E3 conference. For the write-up check here.

P: *picks mic* tap-tap-tappity-tap. Phylix be testing the mic with a rap.

Detanfy on the side, embedding some videos.

He’ll be here soon to drop a few ‘Hellos’.

Alright people. We said it, you waited. Now we’re bringing it so you’ll be elated. It’s the video version of our E3 roundups and we’re doing nothing but throwing videos around like we just don’t care. But we do care, you know? Because that’s how we roll.

D: Fair warning. Don’t try to roll like us! Our dice game is on another level, but don’t worry, you can at least watch these awesome trailers from some of the most high profile games that were presented during this years E3. We’ll take a semi-chronological P and start with Microsoft.

dancile3 logo first

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