Nintendo E3 2014 Trailers

Editor’s Note: This is the trailer post for the Nintendo E3 conference. For the write-up check here.

P:*Moves mic*What you here for bro? What you here for girl?

More videos from our flow? More games to make you whirl?

We’ve got the right clicks for the mood, so prep for the attitude

As we take up the latitude, and go higher in altitude.

It’s the last round-up on our E3 structure

So watch out for some more texture

As Detanfy throws it around like he owns it

But he owns nothing, we broke, it’s another story, bone it.

*replaces mic*

D: this Phylix guy sha. Real agbero. But at least he knows how to get the party started, not unlike our friends at Nintendo, who blessed us with all sorts of goodies this E3.

dancile3 logo first

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Sony E3 2014 Trailers

Editor’s Note: This is the trailer post for the Sony E3 conference. For the write-up check here.

P: *grabs mic* Yo yo yo. Check it. Uh huh. Yeah.

Detanfy sharing videos, Phylix spitting rhymes

The viewers are watching, the listeners mime

The Overlord is happy, we bringing up the heat

And now I’m hungry, noodles on the beat!

We’ve gone and done some part 2 E3 round-up for Microsoft and given you the trailers that will make you swoon and want to make you spend your monies. But wait! There’s more! Because we’ve only done 1 out of 3! So keep your monies in the piggy banks like 50 Cent does, and let Detanfy open the floodgates into more gaming trailers!… and stuff.

D: Phylix has turned into an MC sha. With all this rapping and the like. Let’s keep things rolling with a few trailers from Sony.

dancile3 logo first

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Microsoft E3 2014 Trailers

Editor’s Note: This is the trailer post for the Microsoft E3 conference. For the write-up check here.

P: *picks mic* tap-tap-tappity-tap. Phylix be testing the mic with a rap.

Detanfy on the side, embedding some videos.

He’ll be here soon to drop a few ‘Hellos’.

Alright people. We said it, you waited. Now we’re bringing it so you’ll be elated. It’s the video version of our E3 roundups and we’re doing nothing but throwing videos around like we just don’t care. But we do care, you know? Because that’s how we roll.

D: Fair warning. Don’t try to roll like us! Our dice game is on another level, but don’t worry, you can at least watch these awesome trailers from some of the most high profile games that were presented during this years E3. We’ll take a semi-chronological P and start with Microsoft.

dancile3 logo first

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The Legend of Korra game coming soon

Along with the Korra news we’ve had before, there’s more news that a Korra game is in the works. Platinum Games, the developer behind Bayonetta plans on releasing a third-person combat game this fall. The game will be downloadable for several platforms.

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC will all be getting the Korra love once this game is done with development. A 3DS version is also scheduled for this year developed by Webfoot Technologies and will feature a turn-based strategy style of gameplay. The game’s story is set between Books 2 and 3, giving us the events that occured between those 2 seasons. Playing as Korra, players will be able to use all four elements in combat.

The teaser trailer for the game is below. In the meantime, you all should remember that Book 3 of The Legend of Korra premieres today 27th of June by 7pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time. That’s about 1am 28th, GMT +1.

Nintendo E3 2014 Press Briefing Summary

Favourite Overlord here again people, and what a busy few days it has been here at Dancil HQ. We’ve been busy grinding out stuff and polishing posts so we could get them ready for your viewing pleasure, while working on other things behind the scenes like we always do… because we’re badguys. It’s the last pit-stop for our E3 round-up and I must say, the boys have done good deeds so far with Microsoft’s and Sony’s. To prevent their heads from swelling really big, I’m going to limit the amount of compliments I throw on here so that there won’t be any complications with splattered head insides later. We’ve got Nintendo’s E3 briefing here for y’all, and like the 2 before it we’ve got D and P hashing it out on what the event offered. Saddle up your chairs and let’s drive on this ride.

pre_1399815057__nintendo-refait-coup-conf-ligne-le3-2014-l-nf4_6xD: Hello! It me! Mario! okay, okay, I’m not Mario, but I’m pretty close, and just as awesome. Good day to you, denizens of the interwebs. Its Detanfy-o (no?) coming to you live from Dancil HQ to garnish your already lovely days with a Dancil-ified summary of Nintendo’s 2014 E3 press briefing. I’m here with the compadre Phylix to dish you guys on what Nintendo has in store for you gaming-wise in the next year.

P: And while we’re here, please note that I am not Luigi or Bowser and I’m not gonna follow my bro Detanfy into jail in case any copyrighting issues come afoot. Regardless of that however, we’ve dished out (garnish pun intended) the details on Microsoft and Sony’s presser events, so now we’re back for the last course. Enough with the seasoning, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

dancile3 logo first


D: This is a tricky one for me. I felt like Nintendo made a monumental mistake with the release of the WiiU, trying to capitalize on the Wii’s success and catch that lightening in the bottle again, but the whole “casual” gamer phenomenon has mostly died down, and the Wii U felt like a gimmick to me, so Ninty has a long way to go when it comes to digging themselves out of this pit they threw themselves into. I’m definitely rooting for them and things are looking up. What do you think, bruh?

P: I think the Wii U is like Fela was at some point in history; under appreciated until it was much later. The Wii U would have tried to capitalize on the success of the Wii console, I won’t argue there, but that’s not the only thing I think it did. The Wii changed gaming for people all over with motion controls. The Wii U tried to take that a step further with a separate gamepad that uses a screen and gives a different perspective to the game being played. The problem is just how well it has been utilized, which isn’t so much. Sure casual gamers are still a focus, but the Wii U’s change was about bringing something new to the gaming world’s plate. I think Nintendo has started bringing themselves out of that ditch you talk about. I mean, have you seen how many videos there are on people playing Mario Kart 8? And have you read how awesome and insanely difficult Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is? Nintendo needs to keep building momentum to show they know what they’re doing.


D: I agree they need to keep the momentum going. When the 3DS came out, everyone thought it was just a wack attempt at a DS successor, but after about a year and a half, the 3DS proved to be an awesome system with a great range of games; even I’m eyeing one now. obviously, we at Dancil are passionate Ninty fans, so lets see what they had in store for us at E3.

P: Longest expectations column ever. Let’s move on to the summaries, Summary.

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Sony E3 2014 Press Briefing Summary

Yo yo yo yo dancilblog veterans! We’re here once again to pepper your gaming dish with some more helpings of E3 gaming news, and we do it Dancing Silhouettes style. Yesterday, we started the summary deal and gave you Microsoft’s conference briefing, courtesy of Detanfy and I seriously bantering about all the different games that were given the light of day at the event. Now we’ve come back again to drop some beats on Sony’s own conference briefing, highlighting the moments and giving you our thoughts on them. Sit back, chillax and feel the Sony E3 flow.


D: Hulabalo! Howdy do! This is not timbuktu! What this is is Dancilblog, coming to you with a summary of Sony’s E3 2014 press conference! Microsoft went first up, then Sony countered and showed us some awesome games of their own. Let’s see how they did, shall we?

P: I’m not sure where Detanfy gets his rhyming juices from, but they aren’t always sweet. See the double entendre there? Yeah you do. We’ve got Sony’s presser to dole out for you readers. And even though we’re a little late to the party with regards to this, it doesn’t mean we can’t still give you some content right? Right. Microsoft went in first, and now Sony’s next… wait, that didn’t sound right.

dancile3 logo first


D: So! what are we looking forward to from Sony? Well a decent amount> they kinda sorta took the reign from MS during this current console generation, with the PS4 outselling the Xbox One by a small, but significant amount, so Sony is lookin’ to capitalize on and widen their lead. Lets see if they can.

P: Personally I was expecting some handheld love because I don’t see myself getting on the PS4 train anytime soon, but sadly that wasn’t really the case. Seems the Vita isn’t really getting much love from Sony itself because of the Vita’s functionality with the PS4, so third party studios gotta show Vita some love. Beyond that though, we’re expecting some serious gaming beauties from the entertainment giant.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Guide

Welcome welcome welcome! It’s your favourite Overlord here again, and this time I’m bringing awesome tidings with me. Everyone knows the awesomeness that is the Marvel movies that have been showing up here and there, but how many people properly understand what it’s all about? How many of y’all know that there’s an entire universe centred around these movies? Okay, it’s very likely a good number of you guys know that, considering the fact that several of the characters have shown up together in different places and even at the end of credits of their movies.

You did know that there are post-credit scenes, right? No? Okay, consider this fair warning then. Every Marvel movie has a post-credit scene. So make sure you watch the movie till AFTER the credits (skip ahead if you can) to see what’s in store for the universe. Now that is out of the way, Detanfy and Phylix came together to bring up a good enough introductory guide into the Marvel Cinematic Universe so you could better understand how things have been playing along. In all fairness, they initially wrote this for 9j education blog and it got featured. Apparently the boys were too lazy to let people know about it… probably they were really enjoying the World Cup matches then. Thanks to @EdGothBoy for reaching out to the boys and placing this on 9j education.

The boys decided to bring that writeup here and add in a few more details and make it a little more… flashy. So without taking too much time, I’m passing the baton to D and P. Fellas?


What is the Marvel Cinematic universe?


D: The Marvel Cinematic Universe – MCU for short – is a collaborative universe featuring a number of Marvel’s comic book heroes in film roles. Essentially, it’s your favourite kickass superhero in a kickass live-action movie, not confined by comic book pages.

P: More glory, more guts and more badass on your screens… to say the least. It’s giving superhero lovers the chance to see some of their favourites do amazing things for the greater good while also introducing other characters to those not familiar with them. So you’ve got known heroes, then other heroes, then all the heroes coming together to sell a lot of cans of whoop-ass.

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Microsoft E3 2014 Press Briefing Summary

Good day people! It’s another cool day to rock the Dancilblog suit and get some writing down. We missed E3 when it was going live and we felt very bad about that, so we decided to go ahead and give you guys a summary of what happened, for those who didn’t get to follow it up like we managed to. Last year we didn’t do much in the way of E3 because it all coincided with lots of school stuff happening, and 2 years ago we did a round-up for each one and featured on a podcast for Technesstivity. So this is how it’s going to go down; it’s gonna be a discussion type deal between me and Phylix as we go through each landmark showing for the press conferences. So kick back, relax and let us take you through Microsoft’s E3 event.


D: Well, hello there, Dancil Faithfuls! Hows the week going? I hope its been fine! Cuz its been a sorely busy and intense week for Phylix and I, what with E3 starting this past Monday, and the World Cup gracing us after Four Years, starting Thursday. So lets kick things off and give you guys a recap of this years Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3.

P: First up, we’re gonna do a little dip into what Microsoft gave the audience and viewers everywhere. Because Microsoft went first, and we may as well follow the chronological order of things.

dancile3 logo first


D: Nothing gets my joints moist like the chronological order of things, I tell ya what! So what are we expecting from MS? Well its a banner year for them, considering this is MS’ first E3 since the Xbox One fully launched back last fall. MS has had some bad press for focusing too much on the XBone’s Tv, multimedia and Kinect features and relegating games to an afterthought, so MS has a lot of redemption ahead of them.

P: Which they did a relatively good job of redemption-ing, as it were. Games, games and then some more games is what Microsoft decided to give fans, and it was even stated that focus would be on games this time. Not everyone is really wondering how to tell your Xbox to turn to ESPN when you’re sitting on the toilet… unless ESPN kills someone then that’s another deal.

D: Ay! Microsoft focused too much on the media aspects of their gaming console at a Gaming Console convention and ended up alienating fans. So they’ve been on a bit of a redemption climb ever since last year; lets see how they are doing!

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The Legend of Korra: Book Three Premiere

I think I speak for a lot of people when I ask WHEN IS THE NEXT SEASON OF KORRA GONNA START!? Fear not, brethren of believers in the Avatar, for a date has been given to us all to bask in the glory that is this story.


For IGN has gotten the scoop to let us all know that the first episode of Book Three will premiere on Nickelodeon next week Friday, which is the 27th of June 2014. What’s even more, the first two episodes of Book Three will “air from 7pm-8pm ET/PT, followed by a special bonus presentation of the third episode of Book Three, “Meet the Family, “ at 8pm”. That’s a lot of Korra to get those juices flowing. And it’s a wonderful thing too… with shows like Game of Thrones, Castle, New Girl and the like closing up their seasons till fall this year, I need me something to painstakingly wait one week for the next episode to come out. And that prayer of mine has been answered! Here’s an exclusive clip from the premiere, along with descriptions for the first 2 episodes straight from IGN.

“A Breath of Fresh Air”: After the events of Harmonic Convergence, Avatar Korra discovers that her decision to leave the spirit portals open has unexpected consequences. Wild spirit vines have overgrown Republic City and Airbenders are suddenly popping up across the four nations.

“Rebirth of a Nation”: Korra, Tenzin and Team Avatar search for new Airbenders in an effort to recruit them and rebuild the Air Nation. Meanwhile, a band of sinister criminals are organizing to hunt down the Avatar themselves.

Free episodes of Books One and Two are available free on, but for a limited time only. So if you feel like catching up, then go right ahead with that. If not, then mark 27th as a wonderful day to wait for! For the trailer, check the video below.

The Kim Kardashian Game

Most of the people around the world (read: Twitter and possibly Instagram) already know this, but for those who don’t… Kim Kardashian is making a game.

*in Morgan Freeman's voice* If this is your face, you're not alone

*in Morgan Freeman’s voice* If this is your face, you’re not alone

Now that we have that funny bit out of the way. Here’s the fact. There IS a Kim Kardashian game. But it’s not gonna be a Kimye co-op where you get to shoot down aliens that try and destroy the Dash stores in Miami and New York. Neither is it a game where you get to meet Ray J as a final boss (though lots of people thought that would be the case). No… it’s much more mundane than all that. It’s titled Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and it follows the same premise as Stardom: Hollywood, only with Kim’s likeness, name and voice in it. She shared a trailer on her Instagram and expressed her excitement over the whole deal, and one particular picture stuck out on several sites as a screenshot.

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