The Whispers has begun

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Have you ever had someone who had one? Have you ever broached the subject of imaginary friends with actual real life friends before? If you have done any of those things before, well good for you! If you haven’t, well I suggest you might want to at least talk about the potential behind one of them. What if imaginary friends weren’t so imaginary? What if they could only be felt by the purity that is a child’s innocence? What if we don’t really understand them? What if they could actually use children to harm you? I watched the premiere episode of The Whispers, and holy wow did some things creep me out. But first, here’s a gif to calm everyone’s nerves now.

There there...
There there…

You’re okay? GOOD! Now we can go on.

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Ease In, Flow Out

Existential crisis not withstanding, you have to admit that life has those moments when things just light up and make you go ‘Giggity'; well, not as perverted as Quagmire does it. When you aren’t looking around you wondering just what the hell you’re doing wrong while things for others are going right, you’re looking around and seeing those little things that can make something as monochromatic as life feel more colourful. A puppy playing with a ball. A cat holding its legs and rolling off a chair. GIFs that make you chuckle the more you see them. Eating hot akara and smooth pap with lots of milk in it… the good stuff.

Oh yeah
Oh yeah

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…And We’re Back!

Its a uncharacteristically sunny Spring afternoon and I’m decked in full rain gear;I’ve got an umbrella, rain boots, a coat and a pair mufflers. I was expecting a torrential pour when I made my way here, but instead its over 80 degrees and scorching.

I’m not too worried though. I just have to find the keys, get in and hang up all these heavy clothes. Now if only I can fish out these keys. My hands are completely full. I’ve got my Double Pump Mocha Latte espresso on one hand and this umbrella on the other.
Okay, there we go. I’m able to fish the keys out of my messenger bag and open the doors. I walk in and the scent of the place is immediately familiar even though theres no lights on, I instinctively know where the switch is. I shimmy towards the switch, flick it on and I see the place in all her glory: The Dancing Silhouettes main office building.

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A Passage to Write

There are times that come when you’ve got this great idea and feel like you definitely have to put it down in writing somewhere, but then in the midst of all that’s happening around you you neglect it and just stroll along with life. It’s been just about a month since the last post went up on Dancing Silhouettes, and I have to say that is honestly something. It’s not like there’s been an endless range of writer’s block laying out in front of us, but rather that things have taken the turn for a direction we didn’t anticipate in the right capacity.

Detanfy has been pizza rolling, and while that has had its cool moments, it’s been breaking his back for a while. Proteus has his own thing with studying extra hard to be the doctor we’ll be bringing our kids to; and then there’s me.

I’ve had my system enter some sort of corruption state, and then been building it back up. I won’t say I lost stuff because I had the mindset to backup the important stuff and discard the rest, and the result of that was me having freer memory for my 1 terabyte machine to boast about. I tell you, the more space you have, the more redundant you become in the things you label as ‘Should not be deleted yet’. And to make matters worse, I can be a terrible hoarder of bytes. It’s why I tend to have space problems, and despite that I never help myself from such a situation. My phone’s memory card is 32 GB, I’ve got an external hard drive worth 500 and my machine is 1 TB. I know there are people who have loads more and my statistics may seem flimsy to them, but that’s not the point of it all. Sadly, I lost my material for my future game journal write-ups, and happened to lose progress on same of the games I’d been playing.

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A Few Words on Child of Light


Lord knows I had a hard time trying to come up with a name for this one. I was thinking of making some sort of pun involving light doing some sort of catchy catchphrase creating a new section for this like Game Journal but figured that I may as well screw it and just go with something normal. As you may notice, this is something new, but just to clarify I’ll go over what the plan is for Dancing Silhouettes’ gaming write-ups. We’ve decided to have our write-ups will come in 2 parts; the first part is a little show and tell on what the player/writer has seen and witnessed and played so far in whatever game said player/writer is writing on. The amount of time spent playing the game is completely dependent on the player/writer. The second part of the write-up is on focusing on the completed game, akin to the Game Journals we’ve had in the past. If the game in question, however, ends up being too short for a 2-part, then a 1 part with all the necessary bits is done. Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive into Child of Light.

ChildofLight 2014-11-02 19-10-53-73

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For As Long As Possible #29

I’m iconic, naked walking in the garden and bird watching
Alarming all of these cardinals like I need a pope
Puffing that white smoke, get faded and play the maestro
I’m ice cold, bunny slippers, nice robe (Probably velvet)

Salutations once again, puny humans! Shudder under the awesomeness that is Mac Miller’s verse in his 2013 song ‘Avian’, and tremble as your organic skinned race will race domination in the near future! Sorry… I’ve been doing some heavy Futurama binging and it’s not all that bad. It’s actually been really needed, because the last couple of days have been something. Sha things are mellowing and hopefully all will be tidied up in the end. With that out of the way, welcome to another installment of For As Long As Possible, and if you’re wondering what exactly this is, then I’m just going to throw you over to the official FALAP wiki. I’m thinking it should have its own URL, but not enough info to make it so just yet. From there, it’s only logical to check Arc 1, Arc 2 and Arc 3. And now on Arc 4…

Previously on For As Long As Possible;

The Stargate Festival, and then To The Fallen, and finally Only The Brave Enter.

And now, the next For As Long As Possible installment, The Path of The Sitcom. I hope you read that in Morgan Freeman’s voice, because then it would have been really cool.

FALAP title card


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For As Long As Possible #28

I’m finna bang this ditch the fudge out! You better! You might wanna record the way you feelin’, like history being made. This other sucka put a mirror on the Glob damn screen! Lets go Phy-Lix!

Okay, that was horrible. Hello everyone. How are you doing? Detanfy here, and i’m ready to dish out the next installment of for As Long As Possible. This is Number 28 (TWENTY! EIGHT!) overall. Wow. Phylix and I would firstly, like to wish y’all a happy new year, and we figure, what better way to usher it in than with a brand new FALAP?

Lets first take the time to reflect on FALAP installment of yesteryear:

Arc #1 – The Pie Master’s Cast

Arc #2 – One Helluva Party

Arc #3 – Rescue Afterparty

and then lets take a look at this arc, which has just two entires, so you can catch up quickly:

The Arc is called A Scandal in Barhnovia. The first issue, by myself was called “The StarGate Festival” and the second installment by Phylix was called “To The Fallen…”, which worked double duty as a tribute to some of those that we have lost in 2014.

So I’m back here to give you guys the 3rd installment. I’m calling this one “Only The Brave Enter”. Things are heating up in Hollovia, so you might wanna check it out! Without further ado, the 28th installment of FALAP:

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For As Long As Possible #27

Imagine the joy that comes from finally getting this thing off the ground. I mean, after days, weeks and months of hashing and rehashing possible storylines and probably characters, we’ve finally dropped some fire on the FALAP line. It’s been a long time coming, and no matter how little the number of people still interested in our little story series are, I personally say thank you for checking us out. I’m so out of tune with personal social media I don’t know how I’m going to peddle this new Wave in the hopes of getting new readers. But where there’s a will, Jaden is probably behind him so no wahala there.

That being said, welcome to another installment of Dancing Silhouettes’ very own For As Long As Possible. And seeing as we’re in the 4th arc, allow me to do a refresh for your memories.

Arc #1 – The Pie Master’s Cast

Arc #2 – One Helluva Party

Arc #3 – Rescue Afterparty

And of course, let’s not forget the first entry in the new arc;

The Star Gate Festival

Courtesy of Detanfy. And now that we’ve got things cleared up, let’s dim down the lights as the next installment starts rolling…


FALAP title card

Christmas Day was a pretty simple day. We had some drinks and sweet things around the decorations at The Daily Silhouette HQ. Mostly we did a lot of group caroling; each group taking a separate number of songs to sing to everyone else in the office. We didn’t spend all day in the office though, as pretty much all of us wanted to head back to our places to spend some Christmas-y time with our loved ones. It was a pretty decent day with no wahala, and then Danica took Detanfy and me into her office for a quick briefing on what our next mission would be.

“Let’s call this Wave 2, boys, and you’re back on the tickers. But you’re gonna start out with something simple. Ever heard of Barhnovia?” Detanfy and I looked at each other with no knowledge of what she was talking about. “It’s this little, serene nation somewhere in the European Alps. They’ve got lots of greenery there, and when it snows I hear it’s something that’s so mesmerizing you wouldn’t bother about the cold.”

And that we learned that we were going to record a well-known event that was held there yearly, and we’d have our very own guide; Anton the new intern. Anton joined us some months back, and frankly we don’t know too much about him just yet. We have this policy that sounds a little like ‘If your past isn’t covered in blood, then you’re welcome aboard.’

Now, move things forward to the snowy month of December and we’re walking on this terrain with lush patches of greenery and a fine coat of white on several peaks. I forgot the lethargy that was residing in my leg muscles when we got a better view of what Hollovia village had to offer. And I have to say, I’m not really sure why they call it village. I think town would do it better justice. Maybe the village moniker is a humble moniker, or maybe it started out as a village and kept growing, but not an alarming rate that necessitated a moniker change. Oh my, I’ve forgotten to reference the emerald eyes thing.

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For As Long As Possible #26

Oh whoa, oh, oh! I knew I was gone see you again! Knew I was gone see you again!

I knew I was gonna see our ever faithful Dancilblog readers again. Its been a long time coming folks. Phylix and I have been away, hard at work on new material for dance, and we are finally pulling back the curtains little by little. In doing so, we decided, what the hell?! Why don’t we drop a huge For As Long As Possible shaped bombshell on our readers. We’ve been on a bit of a FALAP Hiatus for the better part of the year-think of it as the equivalent of your favorite TV show going on break in between seasons. We’ve gotten a small chance to rewind, recharge and re-energize so we can bring you guys the best possible entries in this series for as long as possible! So before we get into it, you guys should check out the entire First Wave of FALAP. You don’t necessarily have to, but you can get it out of the way. You can jump in right here and follow along, but wouldn’t you love to be completely in the know? Of course you do! Well this should help:

  1. FALAP Arc #1 – The Pie Masters Cast
  2. FALAP Arc #2 – One Helluva Party
  3. FALAP Arc #3 – Rescue AfterParty

So what you’re reading here is pretty much FALAP Arc #4 – A Scandal In Barhnovia. This is Wave #2 of FALAP, so you can also think of this as FALAP Wave #2, Arc #1. But that’s semantics. Its up to you! Don’t say we never give you choices here at Dancilblog.

So without further ado, lets get things moving.

For As Long As Possible Arc #4 – A Scandal in Barhnovia, #1 The Star Gate Festival.


[Overhead Speakers] Good afternoon, this is your Captain Speaking, with just a little flight information;
-I love flying. Don’t you guys love flying?

[Overhead Speakers] Captain: ….The time is 6am sharp local, which means it should be 12 noon in our destination country.

-Why is Anton the Intern going with us again?

-Because, Phylix, my friend, he is from Barhnovia, specifically the village we are going to do a report on for the festival so he knows the terrain.

Captain: This is Fitzsimmons Airline, international Flight 0102, headed to the beautiful nation of Bahrnovia. We will be flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and our air speed will be about 400 miles per hour.

Anton: Yeah Detanfy, You guys are gonna love Hollovia Village. The Stargate festival is the event of the year.

Captain: This will be a 6 hour international flight, so we should be arriving at Barhnovia International Airport at about 6pm destination time.

“This’ll be fun. I haven’t flown in a while” I casually say, talking out loud.
“Yeah. I’m just gonna get some sleep while I can. I’ve barely gotten a good nights sleep since all our shenanigans this past year.” Phylix replies, somewhat eager to get off the ground and in the air already.

Captain: Please Make sure to strap in your seat belt…

“SO! you guys haven’t gone on mission or done any stories since you nabbed Julian?” Anton the Intern asks. I always forget he is new and he wasn’t here when all that went down.

Captain: ….turn off all electronics during takeoff ….

Phylix goes first, saying “Dude, I almost drowned peeping in a jailbaits house like an old pervert, that is, until Detanfy saved my ass, then I got trapped in a dimension where the devil goes potty, then I had to battle a monstrous creature that looked like Santa Claus, then I met Santa Claus, then I met Donkey Kong, then I had to battle a spoiled kid who was mad because Santa didn’t give him gifts. And we are going on a mission today, the day after Christmas.” A mouthful from Phylix.

Captain: …and the flight attendants will go around to make sure everyones strapped in and ready to go.

I fill in some of the blanks “Lets not forget we were in a street race, being chased by Jailbait, we tried to throw a party, got attacked by said Jailbait at our party, trapped in a null filed, I got hoisted 100’s of feet into the air, I almost fell to my death, then I had to rescue Phylix from his Pee palace and fight the spoiled kid as well.” I unload some pent up tension on Anton the Intern.

“At least you got to meet Santa Clause, yes?” Anton replies, trying to clear the air.
The precarious interns attempts to break the ice might’ve hit a little bit too close to home for Phylix and I. Its our first mission in a while, so stands to reason we’ll be nervous.

“Yes. I met Santa. He was awesome. And Russian. And awesome.” I reply to Anton.

Captain: While I have your attention, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to give a warm welcome to James and Janice….

“Its your first mission in a while. You must at least be a little bit excited.” Anton says, clearly doped up on all the awesome stuff that he has heard about Phylix and I at the Daily Silhouettes HQ.

“I mean, there will be portals, and festivals, and eastern european girls with questionable morals. I might be a little bit excited” I say, as I begin to weigh the benefits of our mission.

“Okay. I’m excited, but I’ll still snooze through this flight sha.” Phylix says

Captain:…who are returning Air Host and hostess for our Airline. They also happen to be newly married.

Anton leans closer to us from his chair across the aisle and beings to say “So let me officially be the first one to say this to you:….”

Captain: Welcome back guys, we’ve missed you. You’ve been gone too long.

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